Famous Gambling Tips

Famous Gambling TipsYou must have been lured by the allure of gambling at some point in your life and more often than not you end up losing more than you can spare. Do not despair since you are not the only one who have undergone similar situation. A lot of gamblers have lost a fortune not because they aren’t too lucky but more so for being greedy. The thought of raking up all the money on the table is too much for them to resists. Legendary stories about a millionaire losing his entire riches and ending up a pauper with long list of debts have been going on for centuries. Life-long relationships have been lost forever after being hooked with gambling and have given more priority on his gambling habit than the time shared with families.

Over the years, a lot of gambling tips have popped up but nothing ever really has been effective but there are some guidelines that are proven to be valuable. These are the three golden rules or gambling tips from bandar bola.

“Only gamble the money which you can afford to lose. The trick is to risk only the amount of money that you can live without. Even if you have $100,000 in your pocket but needs every cent of it then you don’t have the right to wager any part of this money. It may be tempting to go to the casino and have a leisure time together with your family and friends but if you cannot afford to loose any amount, you shouldn’t in any way be tempted to go near the casinos. Put your personal and family needs first and you will never go wrong.

“Only gamble half the amount you can afford to risk loosing. You must have heard the first gambling tip a couple of times before but might not have come across with this second advice. Restrain yourself from bring with you the full amount of money you can spare when you go to the casinos. This way, if you lost half of the amount you can spare, you can still have another half amount to gambling money to play on another day. It will give you another chance to win back what you have lost without touching the money you have budgeted for yourself and family needs.

“The greed for money is the root of your downfall. Quit while you are ahead is a gambling tip which a true blue gambler doesn’t quite understand. But if you still loose the full amount of what you have already won, then that is greed. To moderate greediness, set up your target winning backwards rather than forward. It means that while you are winning; set an amount to stop whenever you’re winning goes down to a certain level. This is more effective than setting a particular amount to win before quitting.

Following these gambling tips by heart will greatly increase your chance of winning and will keep the love and affection of family and friends. Enjoy gambling for a long time and keep up your winning habit all the time with no pain and regrets.